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The “rolling resistance” of a tire is defined as the physical drag a tire exhibits while in motion (rolling). This drag is measured as a force.

In the average truck tire, for every 1% improvement in rolling resistance or reduction in force, a one-third % improvement is realised in fuel economy.

Truck Tyres are made up of many components, including “steel” cord in many areas. The steel cord, though, has an insignificant contribution to rolling resistance as compared to the rubber components – in particular the tread area.

It should be no surprise that when it comes to improving the tire for better fuel economy, tire engineers focus heavily on the tread area which contributes 50% to 60% of the rolling resistance on the average truck tire. But engineers must make sure they manage improvements in rolling resistance without affecting the other performance characteristics of the tread area, including wear rates and irregular wear fighting capabilities.

Similarly, tire tread design would be much simpler if engineers weren’t concerned with things such as aquaplaning or, say, traction on the drive axle. When you think about it, for rolling resistance concerns, just a basic round tread would give the best fuel economy, but I sure wouldn’t want to be navigating rain-slickened curves with that type of tread!

Truck Tyres UK Wholesale

We are a wholesaler of TBR tyres with a focus on the budget segment. At the moment we have three brands in our portfolio, ALEOUS, DC, & ROAD RADIAL.

All brands have an extensive gamma of sizes and profiles and the manufacturers are constantly developing and extending the range to meet the European demand and standards.

Our suppliers are fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality insurance and therefore all have obtained the ISO9001 and TS16949 accreditation. All of the tyres satisfy the legal directives, regulations and standards of the European Union.